Traveling in Myanmar: Mandalay Palace

We spend a vacation in Myanmar from December 29, 2012  to January 6, 2013 excluding the flight days.  We fly from South Korea to Thailand and from Thailand to Myanmar. Traveling those months to Myanmar was not good after all, there’s only a few hostels to stay in and most of them are fully booked.

Mandalay Palace

[Mandalay Palace]

When we arrived in Mandalay  looking for a place to stay in became our main problem,  we didn’t book in advance because if not fully booked some hotels have no website. We left our bags to the first hostel on our list so we could find a place to stay, we eventually find a hotel after asking a few locals and as usual we didn’t waste our time, we just left our bags and we started our day tour right away without eating and showering first.

Mandalay Palace

We hired a rickshaw/pick-up combined to the Mandalay Palace costing about 400 Kyats if I am not mistaken after which we visited the nearby Paya’s and see the sunset at Mandalay Hill together with other tourists from many countries.

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