The Great Wall of China

China’s attractions are endless and you will never run out of things to see but a visit to one of the artificial wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is probably the high light of every tourist visiting the city of Beijing.  As a matter of fact it is the most highly visited tourist attraction that attracts millions of tourist each year so your travel to China could not be completed without visiting the Great Wall.

This renowned landmark was built over two thousand years ago to protect the agricultural lands from invasion and intrusions by various nomadic groups,  military incursions or other war like forces,  it was made of bricks, stones, wood, tamped earth and other materials. It was written that the construction of the wall started in the early seventh century B.C.

There are nine sections of the Wall opened to tourists from all over the world and one of the famous destination is the  Badaling Wall, it is most visited because of the completeness and imposing structures. This is the section we visited and climbed with other tourist. Climbing is not easy if you are not used on doing heavy physical activities. I have to stopped many times to regain strength and will power to continue, some tourist are riding the cable car to go up and then hike to go down but we did the other way, we climbed the wall then took a cable car to went down as we are already running out of time our tour guide only gave us few hours to tour around.

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Mongolian Ger

One of the thing you should add in your list  if you went trekking to Mongolia is sleeping in a ger with a  nomadic family. It is quite an experience to sleep in a ger, you don’t  need those  fancy fans and air conditioner just to have a peaceful sleep.

Ger around Amarbayasgalant Khiid

Ger is the traditional home in Mongolia you will commonly see them as home of  nomadic families, while trekking we have also found that few normal houses in the city has a ger beside them. So I guess when it is too hot to sleep inside the house they sleep in the ger.

Inside view of the Family Ger we stayed-in,  in Orkhon

Ger is also commonly called Yurt by Turkish nomads but Mongolian Ger is quite different in structure because the roof ribs  and lattice of a ger are straight unlike the Turkish Yurt they are bending down at the wall junctions, and there is also a post supporting the heavy roof wheel.

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Bodhi Tree and Stupa in Sri Dalada Maligawa

Traveling to Sri Lanka will not be complete without visiting the sacred city of Kandy. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic was built  here in 16th century, the places was considered  the foremost sacred place of worship in Buddhist religion.

The image above is a small stupa and the view of the Bodhi tree where Buddhist pray and offered flowers and watered the tree for success and prosperity.

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Meteor Garden in National Museum of Korea

This photo was taken almost one and half years ago when a friend and I see each other. I brought her to wander at National Museum of Korea, it has no entrance fee but  too large to see.  While taking this photo I have thought of Meteor Garden because the lane of a jet looks like a meteor or a falling star, isn’t it?

I am into nature photography I love taking photos of the sky, the water, the trees and everything about nature.

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Hiking in Dobongsan

Aside from traveling, hiking is also one of the activity I love to spend with my time with.  I sometimes asked  my husband to hike again but he is quite busy on his job and weekend where the only days he can take a rest from it. He is telling me to hike alone if I want to, but I found hiking alone too boring so I stopped asking him about our next hiking activity.

Almost there, one more trail

Hiking is an outdoor activity that consists of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain.  Popular hiking place are often design with hiking trails like in Dobongsan, a mountain in Bukhansan National Park, South Korea.

I am not too sure which peak I summit but looking for similar photos online I climbed Jubong Peak, I climbed alone because my husband can’t make it anymore, I left him and he promised to wait for me  but eventually left me alone after losing patience on waiting.

The view of Seoul from Jubong peak

Hiking is a very popular activity worldwide that’s why there are numerous hiking organizations.  Hiking has also health benefits like losing excess pounds, improving mental health and decreasing hypertension.

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Orkhon Water Fall

Situated in the Orkhon Valley is Orkhon Water Fall,  whose river flows an incredible 1120km to the North before it joins the mighty Selenge Gol. It is also called Ulaan Tsutgalan, the waterfall was formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20,000 years ago.

It was said that the fall is naturally most impressive after heavy rain and we saw this water fall on its abundant glory because while we are trekking and where we had to  slept with a nomadic family, it rains very heavy that resulted for water to get inside their humble ger.

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Forbidden City

Just one of the random photos taken in Forbidden City, Beijing China.  Forbidden city is the first place we visited when we arrived in China.  The place is full of people despite the scorching heat of the sun, kids are everywhere. Street vendors selling ice cream on a stick, water are scattered everywhere like how the plastics are scattered around.

The line in the ticket booth was quite long. Everyone wants to be at the front, other people doesn’t care if they were already pushing or hurting someone, there were some people who are too tough that will directly walk to the ticket booth window as if they doesn’t see the long line and didn’t hear what other people are saying. This is definitely, China!

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China is the first country I have visited for sight seeing purposes. So being in Beijing and seeing different surrounding, houses and building structure is overwhelming.  The hotel where we are booked is just 15-20 minutes walked to Forbidden city so after asking for direction in the lobby we are able to see this wall and we already know we found Forbidden City.

Our first tour start here, along this street is a nearby river park. We’ve seen a lot of locals, sitting, chatting to each other and eating. Mostly are with their families, it looks like it is famous place to stay, date and do picnic.

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