Hwaseong Haenggung Palace

It was almost end of the winter when we visited this palace in Suwon after renewing our visa, photo below is the main gate of the palace. As what I have read Haenggung is a shelter where King rested after a war, it is one of the biggest shelter that King Jeongjo used after long journey.

Hwaseong Haenggung

When King Jeongjo was not around the palace  was used by his delegated official as a base of government. Haenggung was  also used for a 60th birthday party for King Jeongjo’s mother, elderly citizens’ feasts and national exams.

 Hwaseong Haenggung Palace

Moreover Jangyongyeong guarding ceremony is held at the Front Gate every Sunday from April to October, that’s what saw before they opened the gates’

There are 22 buildings in Haenggung Palace excluding the servants’ quarters, arranged in an approximately rectangular layout at the eastern foot of Paldalsan, the small hill on which the western side of Hwaseong stands. The entrance to the palace from the centre of town is the main gate, Sinpungnu, known as Jinnamnu when it was constructed in 1790 but renamed five years later under King Jeongjo’s orders.


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