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Find some Adventure in Goa

Goa is a small state in West India. It’s a beautiful beach town with plenty of activities for all to pursue, with its amazing beaches, fun night life and a wide range of activities to get your teeth into.


Whilst your there, it’s a great idea to rent a motorbike. It’s an exhilarating way to view the city, and petrol is pretty cheap there too. You’ll get to cut the traffic and cut taxi prices.

Water sports

With its numerous beaches and lengthy coastline, Goa provides an ideal location for water sports. Whether it’s windsurfing, jet-skiing or surfing you’re interested in, there are plenty of places to rent equipment from. You have a fair choice of beaches to pick from, such as Palolem, a quieter location with smaller waves, where the water is clear and warm. The water sports in Goa are filled with adventure, excitement and not forgetting safety!

There are also a number of restaurants and bars for you to sit back and relax and enjoy some of the finest Indian food and drink. Goa is also recognized as one of the best diving destinations in India. It’s home to a massive array of colourful, aquatic creatures for you to discover under water.

You’ve got the choice to do some less dangerous water activities or be brave and go for something that requires a lot more courage.  The beaches have a dedicated team of professionals to help ensure your safety and well-being.


The Sahyadri Hills offers a delight place for some trekking; it’s full of challenging trials. You can go alone or you can take part in a group expedition, and discover some captivating, picture perfect views of the area. You can even do some river crossing, rock climbing and rappelling.

Explore Goa on foot and become a proper tourist. Places such as Mollem and Sanguem bring you closer to nature with every step.


Goa offers plenty of ways to get close to nature. If you’re brave enough you can go crocodile spotting. It usually starts at Mandovi River and continues through to the Zuari River. It’s a thrilling experience, and one which is often not permitted. If you prefer a tamer animal then dolphin watching is also an activity that Goa has on offer. It’s an incredible opportunity to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. There are also a number of wildlife sanctuaries you can go visit, where you can get up and personal with elephants, tigers and lions.

A Tattoo

There are many tattoo artists readily available at most beaches. Don’t worry too much; luckily it’s not a permanent decision, they’ll soon fade away after about a week. It’s a famous black henna tattoo, best known in India, which you can get on some part of your body, something to show when you get home.

Shed all your inhibitions and make the most of all the exciting opportunities that Goa offers

This post was contributed by Gail, a travel blogger for Cheapflights

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