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Sri Lanka which is formerly known as Ceylon is one best destination to spend your holiday in style. So if you are looking for something different  explore the country’s exquisite natural beauty and remarkable  heritage sites.

One of the place you should visit is Sigiriya, a  thousand years old large stone which is also called Lion’s rock.  It is a rock fortress and palace ruin which is surrounded by the extensive gardens and numerous caves.

Sigiriya was donated by devotees of the Buddhist Sangha and was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC. According to the chronicles as Mahavamsa the entire complex was built by King Kashyapa (477 – 495 CE), and after the king’s death, it was used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century.

It is one of the highly visited tourist destination and noted for its spectacular beauty all over the world.  One of the major high light are the paintings or frescoes.

The Lion Gate and Final Climbing Stretch

We’ve visited the place after touring around the holy city of Kandy. Even though we don’t want to hire a guide we can’t  say no anymore when are driver told us to follow the young guy which I think a student, so we just follow the flow. It was raining hard so it was slippery to climb but it didn’t stop us to do it. I climbed up to last step which are guide pointed to us.

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Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur

Bangladesh is a country which is not really most visited by travelers but the country has a lot of things to offer among aspiring travelers, it has rich history and culture.  There are many historical sites in Bangladesh like Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the most important archeological sites in the country  and best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent.

A seal bearing the inscription of Shri-Somapure-Shri-Dharmapaladeva-Mahavihariyarya-bhiksu-sangghasya was excavated in Paharpur which  identified that Somapura Mahavihara was built on circa 781-821  by second Pala king Dharmapala of Pāla Dynasty.

According to records the monastery was repaired and renovated during the reign of Mahipala (circa 995—1043 AD) and destroyed by fire in the 11th century during a conquest by the Vanga Army killing Vipulashrimitra’s ancestor Karunashrimitra.  Then about a century later Vipulashrimitra renovated the vihara and added a temple of Tara. The restoration work was alluded to as jagatang netraika vishrama bhuh (a singular feast to the eyes of the world).

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The Great Wall of China

China’s attractions are endless and you will never run out of things to see but a visit to one of the artificial wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is probably the high light of every tourist visiting the city of Beijing.  As a matter of fact it is the most highly visited tourist attraction that attracts millions of tourist each year so your travel to China could not be completed without visiting the Great Wall.

This renowned landmark was built over two thousand years ago to protect the agricultural lands from invasion and intrusions by various nomadic groups,  military incursions or other war like forces,  it was made of bricks, stones, wood, tamped earth and other materials. It was written that the construction of the wall started in the early seventh century B.C.

There are nine sections of the Wall opened to tourists from all over the world and one of the famous destination is the  Badaling Wall, it is most visited because of the completeness and imposing structures. This is the section we visited and climbed with other tourist. Climbing is not easy if you are not used on doing heavy physical activities. I have to stopped many times to regain strength and will power to continue, some tourist are riding the cable car to go up and then hike to go down but we did the other way, we climbed the wall then took a cable car to went down as we are already running out of time our tour guide only gave us few hours to tour around.

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